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 Post subject: Nissan A15 questions
PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:46 am 
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I have a few problems with my A15 engine in my Suzi Jeep and hope you can give me advice, like you guys usually do.

My first issues is with the idling. It idles ok'ísh, but not right. A friend of mine checked it out and said it's the idle control and he did something to it. It's a whole lot better, but not right. It still dies every now and then. I think he just removed the pin or shaft and put it back together again. Now my question regarding this. Is it ok to leave it like that, or should I rather replace the idle control valve or whatever it's called?

This idling issue would be ok on it's own, but I don't have that sort of luck, I have an issue with the starter as well. So, when the car dies the starter sometimes doesn't turn and thereby adding to the frustration. That same friend said he's relatively sure it's the solenoid. This brings me to another question about the starter. I got two extra starters with the jeep and I'm starting to wonder why so many starters? Maybe there has always been an issue and it's never been sorted out, wondering about that. I have the option to buy a new Japanese starter from Naskar at something like R633 (for an A14? is it the same starter?), but I don't really want to buy a new starter if there is some other problem causing the starters to go. I have an Auto electrician friend who owes me a few favours that's going to come help a bit on Monday, he might shed some light, but I was born without patience and Monday is way to far.

Them engine wise, my final worry is hopefully a combo of two things. It sounds like there is a sort of knock or possibly a piston slap, I don't really know what to call it, but there is a knocking type of sound. The previous owner told me that the guys he asked about it said that the problem is with the distributor, apparently the gears are worn or stripped and they can't adjust the timing correctly and that is also what is making the noise. You can see play on the shaft and in fact the whole distributor. I thought of just replacing the distributor, not that I know how, but I will find someone that does. Not too sure about price on that, but I remember something like there shouldn't be any play anywhere. Would any play mean it needs replacement?

I know that I shouldn't compare the A15 in the SJ to the A14 in my bakkie, but the A15 really feels pap in comparison. It doesn't rev close to as easy as the A14 and doesn't sound or feel as smooth. This just makes me wonder how much of this has to do with the distributor.

This SJ is going to be our off road toy and for it to go off road, it needs to be sorted out. The issues probably won't cost an arm and a leg and I'd like to go play. So I want this sorted ASAP and your help and advice will be seriously appreciated.

Someone told me that the only real difference between the A14 and A15 is the stroke, this makes that the A15 has more torque. If this is true then they should be using the same spares and everything except maybe pistons and crank would be different, is this correct? The guy at the spares shop couldn't find the A15 starter and aked if it was an import motor. That's when I just asked for the A14 starter. Your input on this would also help a lot.

Thanks in advance, and please let me know as soon as you can, I want to go get the parts.

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 Post subject: Re: Nissan A15 questions
PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:05 pm 
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The issue with the starter might be that there is no relay in, sometimes people wire it straight from the ignition switch and the it doesn't let enough amps through to get the starter kicking in.
I added a relay to my bakkie and it sorted out the problem.

Here is some info on the A15

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